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A well-to-do business family, whose members are torn apart by a turbulent father-son relationship shrouded in mistrust, suspicion, and contempt for one another – a result of the vagaries of the son’s mind and its maladies suffers silently. Well-wishers fear that Badri is suffering from a mental derangement and is on the brink of wiping away his father, Siveswara’s hard-earned fame and fortune. Unaware of the boundless periphery of its affliction, descendants of the five-generation lineage are confounded with an enigmatic and stigmatizing battle of their lifetime which they have to decode and overcome in order to ensure the well-being of the ensuing generations.

‘Raw and Realistic..’- The Hindu.
‘The interpreter of maladies’- The New Indian Express.

About The Author

Hyma Goparaju is a passionate writer with a MBA degree and a Ph.D along the way. At a time when a brigade of writers are writing about love & relationship, Hyma chose the less-trodden path for her debut book – The Withering Banyan that draws light on schizophrenia. Her interests include reading, debating, listening to music and cooking.

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